is the personal website and portfolio of Ben Sekulowicz-Barclay, a web-developer and student at the University of Surrey, England.

The work on this site demonstrates my experience as a programmer and developer for the World Wide Web. My academic projects in particular feature creative and experimental work, testing theories and concepts I have learnt from my studies.

My work, (and especially this site) reflect my interest in a semantic and structured Internet. It focuses on maximising the use of compliant mark-up, and the strengths of web standards.

If you are looking for the photo gallery, it is now available at If you are interested in any of the work featured here, my CV is available.

Project: Alphameric Webstudio

The Webstudio software is a system developed by Alphameric Plc. allowing customers to manage their shop displays and modify files without calling the central studio.

I was tasked with designing a central look for the site. This had to remain consistent throughout the pages, and provide a platform which could be used for future on-line applications. In addition, the user interface had to be constructed to simplify the existing studio controls into HTML form elements.

The application premiered at the Betting Shop Show 2003. For more information, contact Alphameric Plc..

Screenshot: Project Alphameric Webstudio

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